Collective exhibition “Your view”

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Authors:  Pavel Alexeev, Gennady Alekseyenko, Anastasia Bordyukova, Alexander Bushma, Daria Gulidova, Pavel Hutsol, Maxim Dosko, Inna Kolobova, Svetlana Koltunova, Dmitri Korol, Julia Monich, Yana Pletneva, Victor Radevich, Elena Hatskevich, Igor Yutskevich

“About a year has passed since the time when in the National photo club” MiNSK “was established a Creative studio” MiNSK 2010 “. The word “creative” in the title is the key, because originally the aim was to help budding photographers to develop their creativity and express their individuality. Master classes contributed to it, almost all members of the photo club took part in conducting of master classes. Portrait and landscape, panoramic shot, reporting, genre shooting, alternative photography, questions of creating author’s collection and exhibitions design – a wealth of knowledge and experience we passed to the members of the studio.
And now it’s time to see what kind of response in the hearts of young photographers their communication with senior colleagues found. Title of the exhibition “Your View” was proposed originally as an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in close to him topic. Thereon the life of Creative studio “MiNSK-2010″ doesn’t end. It continues to work within the framework of the National photo club “MiNSK.”
I would like to congratulate the members of the studio with their first exhibition, and to wish them continue search and healthy ambitions in the photographic art. ”

Curator of the exhibition Eugene Kozula

Worked with the studio:
Marina Batyukova, Vladimir Blinov, Victor Butra, Yuri Vasiliev, Valery Vedrenko, Maxim Weise, Michael Garus, Nadezda Degtyareva, Anatoli Dribas, Victor Zhuravkov, Eugene Kozula, Sergei Kovalev, Vladimir Pavlov, Nina Petrovskaya, Victor Sedyh, Valery Sibrikov, Elena Shalimo Vladimir Sharnikov.