Exhibition “Contact”

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Exhibition of photographs and photographic installation “Contact” – is the first personal project of a young Minsk author Maxim Dosko whose creative search led him to an understanding of the special status of negativity in the hierarchy of the traditional photographic process. Inspired by the ideas of Roland Bart about the magical nature of photography, the young author believes that exposed negative is sacred substance that carries a special mark of direct influence of the reality.  Exposed negative, rather than appearing of positive image on photo paper as a result of the subsequent photochemical transformations, has some special emanations that can be literally felt, being in direct physical contact with the negative.

For this reason, the exhibition project “Contact” includes two opposing components: the “de-energized” (“lifeless”) positive images of quiet urban landscapes, as well as original negatives, which can be “fired” (“revived”) by anyone using simple manipulation with light source. This physical contact, this conscious touch of a button associated with a particular negative, gives the opportunity to experience not just the tactile feelings of the photographer when pressing the shutter button, when”hunting” on the visible reality … It is the touch to reality itself – says the author of the project.

Project curator Vladimir Parfianok 2012

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