Project “Beloozerskij” within a collective exhibition “Heroes of their days”

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The heroes in the Belarusian photos can be called those who at one time used the opportunity to develop creative potential and broad recognition of Belarusian (Minsk) photography. The heroes of the present day are the ones whose work inherits the features and the ideas of the previous generation, develops them in present circumstances, instills the younger generation with the idea of historical connectedness between the classical art and their own photographic work. Not always, of course, this potential and relation are announced and preached as the main leitmotif of development, even more likely, that this is an exception to the general trend of the modern Belarusian photography.

Restoration and creation of new historical and artistic ties is an urgent task today. The “Heroes of the time” – is an attempt to link the art of the young with the legacy of the classics – of “Province” group (Vladimir Parfianok, Sergei Kozhemyakin, Igor Savchenko, Galina Moskalyova, Vladimir Shakhlevich). It became in due time a model of development and presentation of photographic ideas, manifest, way to explore themselves and rapidly changing world, country and society.

Today on the photographic horizon there are no such integral groups, but there are personalities, brought up by the classics. Teaching, curator and photographic work, personal example are a good opportunity to discover new talented authors. The younger generation, inspired by the works of the classics, today is looking for new ways to implement their ideas. The study of life circumstances through themselves, through their own personal photographic archives, and an attempt to understand what is happening, looking in the eyes of close friends are the methods used by “Province” group. After the group broke up in the 2000s a solo career of every photographer was developing, the notion of “project” appeared.

Today, the younger generation often uses this method of work in photography. A leitmotif for learning and reflection on the essence remained the same. Photographers are still interested in their own place in life, its capacity and abilities. But the revelation with which the photographer tells about it is measured by the degree of approximation to the author himself, and to the place in question. Important opportunity for the viewer is an intimate insight into the world of the other. Fixing events and conditions, specific people and places – all these themes come and went out of self-interest of each author. And if once the degree of immersion, most of all, was the insight in the family archives, then today it is overcoming certain distance between specific people, physical and moral approach.

Project curator Tatiana Striga 2012

Participants of the project: Uladzimir Parfianok, Sergei Kozhemjakin, Igor Savchenko, Victor Senkov, Maxim Dosko, Eugene and Julia Canaple Leydik, Alexander Veledimovich.

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