Dead Run

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Time and time again, it is the reality, routine, some ordinary things that become a source of inspiration for me. The things, which we have become accustomed to, which we do not notice, and which  are simply threadbare, turn into a fertile soil, into the basis for contemplation about something more, something eternal, essential when being looked upon appraisingly and carefully. And indeed by engraving, stopping this reality, photography allows to scrutinize closely, to think over, to grasp and find this intangible something that you feel and seek.

All the photos of the project were taken in 2012-2013 in Minsk. At the same time, I became familiar with the works of a Belarusian playwright Pavel Pryazhko.

Recommendations and guidance for the photo viewing:

- Before viewing, it is required (recommended) to read the Pavel Pryazhko’s play “Three Days in Hell” or, what is still better, to see one of the productions of this play. Should such desire arise, one can also read other Pavel Pryazhko’s plays.

- While viewing the photo, play on repeat audio track 16 Horsepower - Dead Run.

16 Horsepower (Sixteen Horsepower) is an American alt-country band. The band broke up in 2005.

- It is recommended to view the photos in the pop-up window (click on the picture for that) while scrolling them with the use of the arrow keys or by clicking on “Next” with an interval of about 2 seconds (pretty fast) and stopping to have a more careful look at the picture of interest. One can also download all the photos in the archive to view them on the screen of a computer or tablet. Download photos.


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